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11|21 Friday Feed Favorites

I'm a sucker for all things gold so it's no shocker there is overlap in my Fall and holiday decor, with a healthy dose of all things gold and sparkly. Gold not only is one of my favorite accents, but is making a comeback (if you haven't noticed) over the last few years in home decor and finishes. I'm not talking the yellow super shiny gold of yester-years. I'm talking the warm, aged, and rubbed gold and bronze tones that are timeless. The "new" warm brass tones are heartwarming and remind me of the fancy table settings and dinner ware my grandmother would set out for the holidays. I'm glad it's making a comeback because we can dress up our tables, and our homes, every day of the year. A little sparkle, pizzaz and character is never a bad thing.

If you're on team "decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving" like me, then you likely have your Thanksgiving menu AND your holiday decor on the brain simultaneously. I may or may not jump on the bandwagon and do my Christmas tree early this year, gasp- before Thanksgiving. Gold will certainly be a key player. (Sidenote- if you have a large turkey in the freezer this is your reminder to pull it out so it's ready for next week's festivities).

I hope you have a lovely holiday season, full of the sparkle and shine that comes from not only decor, but more importantly, being surrounded by people you love.

Check out who's inspired us this week at #RBfeedfavorites below.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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