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8/16 Feed Favorites

I spend a lot of time in the car driving around town between meetings and job sites. When I'm not on the phone I like to listen to podcasts- mostly about business, entrepreneurs, new ideas, and whatever interests me at the moment. I always find it fascinating to hear dialog from various parts of the industry and their approach to running a business.

Two weeks ago I was listening to one of my favorites podcasts by Brad Leavitt from Aft Construction (highly recommend checking him out). In a conversation Brad asked what was next for the guest. It was noted that a new custom home was in the works, but nothing had been announced because the year+ that had been going on behind the scenes wasn't pretty. I've thought a lot about that phrase the last few weeks and it just hasn't been sitting well with me. Truthfully it broke my heart to hear.

SOOOOO much work goes on behind the scenes for the year or more of design, brainstorming, as well as the beginning phases of construction when there really isn't anything "pretty" to show. Don't get me wrong, I love a great finished product, but building a home isn't about the finished photos, it's about enjoying every step of the process and finding beauty in it. There is so much craftsmanship and skill that occurs day in and day out in building a home- it's not only the things you see in the finished product photos, but even more important, is that it's in the items you don't see.

We will feature finished product photos because we understand that people are visual, but the majority of the building process is not a finished home- it's important to show what one could expect building a home- a true behind the scenes, and that it can be pretty. Be sure to follow our feed and new hashtag #beautyinbuilding where I will showcase the beauty through the entire building process and you can see for yourself.

Check out this week's #RBFeedfavorites in the links below for finished photos, and check our our feed at @richmondandbottjer for beautiful in process spaces.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

1 | Modern Amour

2 | Charleston Magazine

3 | Colorado Homes Magazine

4 | Pufik Homes

5 | She Holds Dearly

6 | Zoe Feldman Design

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