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11|29 Friday Feed Favorites

Oh man, the food hangover is real. In light of the hours spent in the Kitchen this week, and the Black Friday shopping that is well under way (mad props to those that brave the crowds- I'm more of a click and ship kind of Black Friday shopper these days) we're featuring the best of both worlds today- Black Kitchens (that we're loving) - for today's Feed Favorites.

The dishes are cleaned, the leftovers are overflowing in the fridge, and the family took the opportunity to sleep in (which never happens). We are taking it easy today, perhaps starting on our holiday decorating, and enjoying our time together. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it's important to take time to be still. To spend time where it matters, and to not only express gratitude, but to show it.

We at Richmond and Bottjer are grateful and are thankful for the opportunity this holiday weekend has provided to reflect on our many blessings. Let us remember to be grateful throughout the year, not just during the holidays.

Check out who's inspired us this week at #RBfeedfavorites below.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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