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3|20 Friday Feed Favorites

Perhaps I'm craving Spring. Or maybe the added stress and anxiety of what's happening around the world (and at home- I mean, homeschooling when you are not a "homeschooler" is not my forte, I build homes for heaven's sake) is making me crave my epic demise- the Easter Cadbury mini eggs (which are SOO addicting). In either case, the soft blues and greens are creeping back into my radar.

I find myself scrolling for inspiration a lot more the last few days as I try to block out all the C-19 information that is bombarding us at every angle. It's totally okay to go off into dream land and plan your home, client's homes, and projects to get away from reality for a bit. In fact, I may just have an opportunity to work on projects at my own home that have been on my to-do list for 2 years. You know how it goes, when you're the builder you're always working on someone else's home.

Whatever you're choosing to do with your time during quarantine, be sure that you have some sanity time too. Whether that be exercise, extra sleep, or in my case, doing projects. We all need to be healthy in body, spirit and mind.

This week's #RBFeedFavorites are a peeks into the ideas I have brewing for my personal home. I hope they bring you a fresh perspective and clean view of how you can spend your time. And, no, I don't mean "clean" as in cleaning your home top to bottom to get rid of all the germs. I'm sure we've all done that several times already, but with kids home who are we kidding?

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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