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4|17 Friday Feed Favorites

Does it feel like the twilight zone for anyone else? The days are running together like never before and it feels like one long episode of Groundhog's Day. My kids seem to be loving it (minus the school work we try so hard to have them complete) and even mentioned this week how it's cool that their "Summer" started early. The eternal Summer I hoped for as a kid but never got, well, they are making up for it for all of us I guess.

Fortunately I've had plenty of pretty things to keep my brain busy these last few weeks as we've prepared for the start of a few upcoming projects - often finding myself working late into the night and not even realizing what time it is (let alone what day it is), or trying not to work.... but I can't turn off my brain. When you are doing something you love do you get so sucked in that you could blink and hours have passed by and you didn't even realize it? I tend to do that when I'm wrapping up the "front end" of projects that we've been working with clients on, often a year in the making. It's the turning point in a project - when I am able to do a full plan review of all the details, materials, fixtures, finishes, etc. Absorbing all the elements that will make dreams into a real life home that have been discussed and making sure they are all there. Clients trust that are listening and capturing what they are saying, but not only that, they trust that we are translating what they are saying and adjusting it to fit their needs for style, functionality, and budget. It's a big responsibility to translate dreams, one that I don't take lightly.

Getting involved and fully immersed is what building a home is all about. It's not about being a builder and designer and checking the boxes in a process. It's about being a dreamer with the clients and for the clients. We build the dream long before we build the home. And this is exactly how it should be.

This week's #RBFeedFavorites is a peek at the inspirational spaces that have molded a dreamy French Chic home that is coming to Richmond and Bottjer very soon.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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