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4|3 Friday Feed Favorites

As the weeks pass I have learned a few things- first, that I am definitely not a "homeschool" teacher, and second, the amount of time my children have spent in and out of the Kitchen and time standing in front of the fridge opening and closing the doors, has been insane. Growing pre-teens mixed with extra workouts, and being house-bound, Yikes. I find myself stocking the pantry what feels like EVERY day.

As you can imagine, Spring Cleaning is in full force in many homes right now since we find ourselves with time to tackle the to-do lists that have been piling up. I haven't made much progress on my to-do lists, but I sure have saved a lot of images of pretty pantries, cupboards, and organized food. There's just something about an organized, functional (and pretty) pantry that makes me smile.

Whether you're stockpiling all the goods from the store or rearranging so you can see what you need to rotate for the coming week's meal, function and fashion can go together. If you don't believe me check out the gorgeous spaces featured in this week's #RBFeedFavorites and you may just find yourself urging your family to help you clean out the pantry, and not just the food.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

5 | Etsy

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