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5/1 Friday Feed Favorites

Better late than never. I'm so ready to be back to a consistent schedule so that I know what day it is! The beautiful, albeit extremely warm, week we've had here in Hill Country must have had me daydreaming about outdoor entertaining, lounging around with friends, yard work, and swimming because that's what I found filling my feed. That, or my feed was trying to tell me something.

In either case, the change of seasons, while some don't love the heat of the upcoming Texas summer, I love it. The Spring/Summer transition, that time between when it's lighter later, the mosquitos haven't come out in full force just yet, and it's nice enough to sit outside and just be still, to listen to the ducks in my front pasture squawking, or watching the cows in my side pasture lazily lay under the big oak tree chewing their cud... this is one of my favorites.

While the world around us is still in chaos, we can take time to be still and to appreciate our surroundings. Dream up projects to do, things to build, and homes to design (if you need a builder let me know). All the things.

This week's #RBFeedFavorites are all the things I'm loving (and dream about) for my personal home that, like most, is always a work in progress. Enjoy!

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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