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5/15 Friday-ish Feed Favorites

Another round of Friday-ish Favorites because every day is a good day to share favorite things.

It's been a treat to fine tune our client's Modern Villa project this last week and prepare for construction. It's oozing with well-thought out details, vintage charm, and mixed with modern finishes. It is definitely going to be a swoonworthy. It's an honor to be able to dream and design with clients, getting involved so much that it feels like my personal home too. As a builder it makes my heart hurt when I hear people talk about their building experience and how it wasn't pleasant. It's not about checking boxes and blowing through construction. It's about executing details and dreams. It's about the excitement, the passion, the true tears of joy when you see clients so excited about what is coming to life before their eyes. It's about asking questions, being forward thinking to make sure what client's don't know or see yet is worked through so there are no surprises.

What comes down to is caring. When you care about about the process, the people, the project, it translates to love. And love (with some other things mixed in) can absolutely build a home.

Check out this week's #RBFeedFavorites below for a peek of the vibe of this gorgeous home coming soon!

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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