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6/12 Friday-ish Feed Favorites

One of the hardest things to do in design is to separate my personal style preferences from those that the client is requesting. Fortunately I love all styles, but I do gravitate to specific things. It's okay to have my own style that represents my work, we are each unique after all. But, more importantly it's the listening to the minute details and functionality when clients are speaking to their vision. It may be that they don't like a certain color or texture (for me it's velvet and corduroy- can't handle them AT ALL!), or they are keen on a hardware finish they have to have. What's important is that you are guided to fine tune your decisions and that they are your decisions, not someone else's.

I've enjoyed brainstorming with clients on upcoming projects and seeing what they bring to the table. I love to ask questions about their vision, and imagine what that is, and then have them show me. Interpreting a dream and making it a reality requires a lot of thought provoking questions. It also requires that your ideas are challenged so that you can stretch to make the best possible decisions. It's about being out of your comfort zone, learning to think outside the box, and then loving the outcome and place you will call home.

Take a peek at some of the inspiring spaces that have been molding our client's dreams in this week's #RBFeedFavorites below.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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