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6/5 Friday-ish Feed Favorites

Drama and Moody. Two words that sum up my life right now. I am a big fan of both (except when it comes to my pre-teens). I can't say I'm sad, however, about the surge in the design word to the drama-filled spaces, moody tones, and the depth the deep hues are bringing back into homes. Don't get me wrong, I heart all things white but, throw in some contrast and you're majorly pulling my heart strings.

The beauty of the moody vibe is that it can go multiple directions. Do a room all one color, mix a dark space with some white, throw in some antiques or texture like brick, stone, or trim work... heck, throw in all of the above. You have true flexibility to make it your own. The curated, lived in, and worn/well-loved look is cozy, yet, contemporary, modern, yet old world. What is creates is authenticity and allows you to stay true to your personal style.

If you're on board with the drama and moody spaces check out this week's #RBFeedFavorites. And, if you're not on board, or have enough of it in your home already, thank you teenagers, go ahead and send them to their rooms for a bit. It will create a drama and moody space without costing you a penny. Lol.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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