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7/31 Feed Favorites

With as much as I love homes and architecture you'd think that traveling the world would be something I love as well. I certainly do love and appreciate architectural styles, reading about them, and marveling in their photographic beauty. But, on the flip side I'm not a fan of traveling (probably because it makes my anxiety go through the roof, and packing for kids is a pain). My idea of the perfect "vacation" is staying home and working on projects. I guess that you would say I am somebody that loves homes, and loves staying home... a true "homebody".

While I don't enjoy traveling, when I do venture out here and there you can bet that my favorite thing to do is to look at the buildings and the style and history of a town. We recently were in Idaho and on the way to Yellowstone we drove through a little town that had the most gorgeous old brick buildings with old green glass windows. My husband knew to pull over before I even had to ask. (It's like he knows me, lol). I only had a few minutes to look around and absorb the details and craftsmanship but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We saw some beautiful buildings and scenery on our trip. But, the homebody in me was glad to come home to "our" space. The space that tells the story of my family and I. That is the story that as builders we work very hard to capture. It's about creating a space that captures the essence of the family will reside within the walls. It's a thoughtful process that takes time, careful attention to details, and precise execution.

Home is not something that can be understood in one meeting with a client, or in an assortment of photos. It's not a checklist of specific questions and a push to get started in a process. "Home" comes from truly understanding people. It comes from relationships formed over time. And it comes from caring. You can't make a home come to life without caring about the people, the plans, and the dreams it took to get there.

Check out these dreamy homes in this week's #RBFeedfavorites in the links below.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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