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9|20 Friday Feed Favorites

......Black is back, alright! (When the Backstreet Boys songs work you know I'm going to use them). I'm sorry if you have the song in your head now, but I'm not sorry that black is coming back with a vengence. It is one of my favorite "colors" and I am pleased to see that it's being reintroduced in so many ways- including on the exterior. The contrast to white (our other favorite) really is classic in any application. Whether your color blocking, using peaks as accents, or using it on a full wall- it is very impactful.

I personally adore when black is paired with wood tones and leather textiles, as seen in this week's Feed Favorites. Tag us with #RBfeedfavorites so we can see who and what is inspiring you this week and have a chance to be featured.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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