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9|6 Friday Feed Favorites

Ahh, neutrals. A breath of fresh air. The enhancement of light. Crisp and clean.

No matter the season you can't go wrong with neutrals, They are a great base for layering textiles and decor and remain "in style" as the seasons come and go. Add elements to cozy up a space in the Fall and Winter, perhaps some pumpkins (both inside and out- we are big fans), cable knit pillows, throw blankets (or a few), or a fringed rug. Neutrals are a team player, or they can stand on their own. Their flexibility means they will also be the popular kid. They are certainly a good investment.

Check out our favorite neutrals in this week's Feed Favorites. Tag us with #RBfeedfavorites so we can see who and what is inspiring you this week and have a chance to be featured.

Check out these amazing accounts for inspiration: (images left to right)

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